Augmented reality platform

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How can you use this technology for the benefit of your business?


Why augmented reality on the web?

WebAR, or web-based augmented reality, enables augmented reality (AR) to work in a browser. Web AR opens up new ways to connect with users by engaging them in immersive and interactive experiences wherever they are, all without the need to install an app.

ارائه محصول یا خدمات

AR یک گزینه بسیار جذاب برای ارائه محصول و یا خدمات می باشد. ​

Branding Strategy

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Without installing the application

WebAR requires no app downloads and installs, increasing engagement with your customers.

Creative creation

Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of the web platform with full control over your content and launch schedule.

Easy access

In addition to computers and VR/AR headsets, 5 billion iOS and Android smartphones worldwide can access amazing experiences.


The use of 3D models using augmented reality

Augmented Reality, or AR for short, is actually the use of a new technology that can be used anywhere and allows the user to add certain elements or characteristics to the environment and benefit from this advantage. to see the desired object in the environment. Imagine you have an empty unit in a building to decorate and furnish. In the traditional method, by measuring the space and checking the specifications and dimensions of the devices, one should imagine what the final arrangement will be like. But with the use of augmented reality, you can see the 3D image of objects and equipment live on the spot. In addition, it is possible to take advantage of the momentary changes in the specifications of the equipment. Actual or variable dimensions or even different colors can be checked. The user can test several series of furniture, libraries, cabinets, toilets or even lighting systems in the physical location of the project within a few minutes and see what needs to be done before implementation, or in practical training courses, you can learn from reality. The addition took full advantage. By using augmented reality, you can see a zoomable and movable 3D image of that member. You can zoom the 3D image of the object, turn it left and right or up and down and even view the recorded information on its different parts.