Apple Vision Pro augmented reality headset

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Apple Vision Pro augmented reality headset was unveiled

Finally, after years of rumors and speculation, Apple unveiled its augmented reality headset called Vision Pro.

Apple Vision Pro augmented reality headset Apple Vision Pro

This headset does not have a controller and is controlled only by your eyes, hands and voice. Apart from 6 different cameras, Apple has put a combination of motion sensors, deep detection LiDAR and TrueDepth on this headset so that it can scan the environment and monitor all your movements. This headset even has several infrared cameras and LEDs with invisible light inside and around your eyes so that it can monitor your eye movements.

To make this headset lighter, Apple has designed its battery externally. In fact, this battery is not inside the headset and is connected to it with a wire. As a result, you have to put the battery in your pocket or on your desk, and without it, it is not possible to use the headset.

Vision Pro is actually an augmented reality headset. However, you can also switch between this mode and virtual reality mode using a rotary screw on the headset. This headset does not have a controller, and to move between applications, just look at them and press your index finger and thumb together to click!

It is also possible to use your finger to select options and scroll. Finally, you can use the sound to control the headset or type, or use Bluetooth equipment with it.

You can connect this headset to your Mac and use Mac features.

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