Apple Vision Pro hardware

سرفصل های محتوا

Apple Vision Pro hardware

The Vision Pro has a glass front and an aluminum body that houses the sensors, cameras, display and hardware that is cooled by a fan. The headset strap is covered in fabric and Apple says it’s flexible enough to fit different sizes and shapes of different users’ heads. This headband is also modular and you can get different sizes depending on the size of your head.

Apple’s headset has an M2 chip for its fast processing and a new R1 chip. We have seen the M2 chip in MacBooks before, which has low consumption despite high processing power. The new R1 chip, however, receives information from 12 cameras, 5 sensors and 6 microphones of the headset and makes sure that all information is processed in only 12 milliseconds and is placed in front of the user’s eyes with the least delay; It means 8 times faster than a human blink.

Vision Pro uses two advanced micro-OLED displays that bring 23 million pixels in front of your eyes. In this way, the resolution in front of each eye is more than a 4K TV, and it has a dynamic range and wonderful colors.

If you wear glasses, don’t worry! Zeiss has designed several special optical glasses for this headset, which you can easily and magnetically connect inside the headset so that you no longer need to use glasses.

Its external battery can charge up to 2 hours and you can put it in your pocket. In addition to being able to see the outside environment yourself, thanks to a feature called EyeSight, others can also see your eyes. In fact, it seems that the front glass of the headset is clear and your eyes are visible. But there is actually a display on the front of the headset so others can see your eyes.

But if you go into virtual reality mode, a bright display on the headset reminds people around you that you can’t see them. Vision Pro shows you the surrounding space in color and you can place 3D objects in the space.

Exceptional FaceTime conversation

Thanks to the spatial audio feature, you can place different people in different parts of the room during a FaceTime conversation. Apple has placed two speakers in the Vision Pro headband, which will bring the best Spatial Audio experience to the user. Each speaker uses two drivers and according to the scanning of the environment, they send the sound to your ears so that you can hear exactly the source of the sounds from different places in the room.

But the most interesting thing is that without any camera directly facing your face, Vision Pro can recognize your face with different reactions and facial expressions and recreate an image and show it to your audience! You only need to scan your face once with Vision Pro.

3D filming

It is also possible to record 3D video and play it back inside the headset. In this way, this is the first Apple camera with 3D recording capability. You can film your charming moments and then play them back with the headset as if you were living those moments again.

Apple has also made it possible to use Apple TV and Apple Arcade to watch movies or play games. While watching the movie, you can resize the virtual screen in front of your eyes as you wish.

You can also place yourself in a different space like a forest or a plain while a giant TV is in front of your eyes like a movie screen. All this is possible thanks to the new visionOS operating system.

Security Vision Pro

There is no fingerprint sensor on the Apple headset. Instead, Apple uses a technology called OpticID that will scan your eyes using built-in sensors. This way the headset always knows who is wearing it.

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